Waterloo Lions was founded in 1999 


Waterloo Lions is a young organisation. Originally founded in 1999 by few Swedish citizens that were based in Waterloo. Until now the focus has been on Floorball and the organisation has been growing season by season. Waterloo Lions is heavily linked with Scandinavian School of Brussels (SSB), all players in the Youth Teams are students at SSB, which is a requirement for participating in the youth Teams. 

Waterloo Lions has 3 Youth Teams, were all 3 are participating in the Belgian National League. There is also a Senior Team who are participating for the 5th time in the Begian Nation Floorball League, best result so far is a 1st place, season 2006/2007. New for this season is that we now have a second senior team, called Waterloo Lions Black.

Waterloo Lions 2003
This was the Team that took Waterloo Lions back to the National League, back in 2003. Still in the Team are Chris Lecomte, Petri Helsky and Marthyn Inghamn.

Our Mission:

We will always strive for an organisation that highlight fun and happiness and will avoid all kind of "elitism" on a youth level. We are also focussing on the importance of diversity of all kinds. We want to become the "First choice" for Scandinavian people who want to participate in sports in the Waterloo area.

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